Forestry Bulletin

A three times per year FOA publication.

Latest Issue:

Autumn 2024 (19 April 2024)

  • Working in members' interests; New evidence! Forests help replenish groundwater; Paving a road with shredded wood.
  • Download 945KB Bulletin Autumn 2024

Chrismas 2023 (published December 2023)

  • CEO reports from COP 28; Easy coupling in the forest; Protecting kea on the cheap
  • Download 6.23MB Bulletin Christmas 2023

Winter 2023 (published July 2023)

  • In this issue:  David Rhodes' last call; Pan Pac after Gabrielle; Rail or not to rail?
  • Download: 1.34MB PDF Bulletin Winter 2023

Christmas 2022 (published December 2022)

  • In this issue:  Industry Transformation under way; Passing of industry pioneer; International wood demand grows
  • Download: - 3.86MB PDF Bulletin Christmas 2022

Spring 2022 (published October 2022)

  • In this issue:  Pines v other exotics, Falcon and kiwi protection, Railway to Wairoa
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Autumn 2022 (published May 2022)

  • In this issue:  Approval at last on EDN fumigant, Automation project for silviculture, More dirt and less slash from East Coast storms.
  • Download - 859KB PDF  Bulletin Autumn 2022

Christmas 2021 (published December 2021)

  • In this issue:  International Timber Manifesto launched for COP26, La Nina increases fire risk in western and southern regions, Collaboration is key to wilding control, Protecting the bats
  • Download - 2MB PDF Bulletin Christmas 2021

Autumn 2021 (published May 2021)

  • In this issue: Climate Change Plan - Exotics and other renewables, Dryland eucalypts take off, Roundup on Glyphosate, Forestry scoops MPI awards
  • Download -  2MB PDF Bulletin Autumn 2021

Spring 2020 (published October 2020)

  • In this issue:  An app to beat the bugs, Tairawhiti debris flood redux - handled better this time, and a plan to transform the forest industry.

Winter 2020 (published June 2020)

  • In this issue:  COVID-19,the impact of the Log Traders Bill, how forestry can save the economy, biosecurity news, exports to China, the revised Roading Manual and Operators Guide, and innovations in research and development.

Spring 2019 (published October 2019)

  • In this issue - Farming v Forestry?; High Court find forestry not 'natural'; Charting challenging times ahead for logs; Life after GCFF; 2019 Forest Grower Awards; Down to the wire on log fumigation deadlines; Launch of nursery biosecurity standard on track for April 2020; New alphabets in forest industry; Let's stop another Pigeon Valley fire.

Winter 2019 (published on 23 July 2019)

  • In this issue - log price volativity, 50 Shades of Green and the realities of land use economics, the myth of indigenous versus exotic trees for carbon storage, Tolaga Bay one year on, and the laws around genetically modified organisms.  We also find out about a bat protection project run by Port Blakely, the KiwiRail and forestry growth story, the commodity levy vote, what happens now, and the InZone bus at Fieldays.  


Spring 2018 (published on 12 November 2018)

  • China in the time of trade crisis; Forest Owners submits ETS has stalled and action needed; Log clean-up at Tolaga Bay led by local forest companies gives beach back to the community; Carbon goal through returning New Zealand to forests; Land potentially suitable for new trees; Forest Growers conference looks to science support for forest development; Forest research awards – from moths to mycorrhiza; Combating debris flows and floods a high priority; Before you light, check it’s alright at www.checkitsalright.nz; Telematics cutting paperwork and increasing efficiency in logging trucks; Forest growers levy vote 2019

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Autumn 2018 (published on 25 May 2018)

  • Global trends augur well for tree market future (D Rhodes - Opinion Piece); Harveting companies' certification and mechanisation brings safer harvesting; NES-PF operational; ForestWood 2018: Forestry is truly in the spotlight; Te Uru Rakau - the promise of many things; Forest Advisory Group has range of backgrounds and interests; FOA takes message to Takaka; New People in Regional Wood council leadership; New Associate Minister of Forestry appointed; Australian forest industry leader likes our farm forestry

Summer 2017 (published on 19 December 2017)

  • Shane Jones - Backing One Billion Trees; New World (D Rhodes Opinion Piece); Scion scientists recognised in CRI Awards; Eyes from above reveal forest secrets (research); Government Industry Agreement after myrtle rust; Myrtle rust 'unlikely' to damage New Zealand eucalypts (biosecurity); Toi Ohomai gets real (training); Tasman Pine protecting kea nest (biodiversity); FGLT Election results

Winter 2017 (published on 31 August 2017)

  • Bob Jones goes wooden with world's tallest timber office tower; End of Steep Land Harvest Programme marks new beginning to get boots off the slope; Dances with wolves - There's a lot to speculate on the implosions and gaffes which have suddenly given colour and meaning to the NZ 52nd general election (Opinion Piece - D Rhodes, FOA CE); One Standard to rule us all - the National Environmental Standard gazetted; The day after methyl bromide; Think your're doing well on health and safety? Take a closer look; Canadians no concerns over pest spraying; FGLT Board elections; FOA and FFA feature at Mystery Creek; Rural Fire Control Charter signed; Biosecurity Levy
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Autumn 2017 (published 31 March 2017)

  • NZIER Report on Forestry - Strong Economic & Environment Contributions; Back Country Farm Reasons to Look to Forestry; Fewer Cows & More Trees in NZ; Jungle Book Meets a Bugs Life; Fighting Fires With Science; Forest Safety Learning : Away From The Blame; Has The Tide Turned? - Nursery Sales Increase; FGLT - Notice of AGM
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Spring 2016 (published 20 October 2016)

  • Mind The Log Gap; Eucalypt Beetles Test GIA; Assurances For Forest Owners in New Safetree Contractor Certification Scheme; 1991 Forest Accord Anniversary Celebrated; Forest Portal Goes Live; Forests of Tomorrow; Waikato Plan Change Misses The Mark; Eucalypt Beetle Back Again; Teleharvester On Way To Getting Boots Off The Slope; NZIF Award To Sally Strang; Cattle Stop Inspiration For River Crossings
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Winter 2016 (published 8 June 2016)

  • An Effective ETS for Forestry -Why Should You Care?; Giving the Trees a Bigger Voice; New FOA President; Making it Easier to Capture CO2; Opportunity Knocks (Safety); Prevention Makeover Coming (Fire); Is This Redwood Right for You? (Research); Beyond Radiata (Research); Flagship Project Yielding Secrets (Research); Fielddays Shout Out for Forestry; EUC Beetle Tests GIA (Biosecurity)
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Summer 2015/2016 (published 8 February 2016)

  • The Real Climate Battle Begins; Spreading our Positive Message; Fire Review - Risks Need to be Managed; Law Needs to Catch Up (GMOs); Different Thinking Needed (FISC); Bernie is at it Again;  Reaching Smaller Growers; GIA Work Begins; Putting a Value on our Forests; Help Identify our Treasures; FGLT Election; ForestWood; Great Earthworks, Ernslaw
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Spring 2015 (published 30 September 2015)

  • NES needed to sort council mismash; Let's keep an open mind on GE; Positive handover to FISC; FOA aims for 'Option Good' (Fire Services Review); A louder regional voice; Gas for Paris; Les Bak : Its a matter of pride; Key herbicides cleared
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Autumn 2015 (published 5 May 2015)

  • Safety Council and Safetree Underway; Alcohol & Drug Code Near; Why are trees disappearing; Deforestation set to cause angst in Paris; No country for Grandparents; FGLT AGM; Biosecurity – Early warning revamp, Research – What is your levy being used for?; Certification – PEFC available in NZ soon; NES – getting there; Fire Pond Aquaculture; 5 new SFF projects
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December 2014 (published 8 December 2014)

  • Safety plan will reshape industry; Making the safety blueprint a reality; Firing up Fitzroy; Groundwork completed, now race begins (STIMBR); Working to change red to green (RNC); New qualifications ready to go; "Safetree" puts workers safety first; FOA supports safer roads
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Winter 2014  (published 24 June 2014)

  • Safety panel needs your input; National's policy platform awaited; Breaking the profit barrier; R & D has a new face; High-tech claiming the slopes; Forest bug-watch revamp; Trip hazards in safety bill; FOA resources
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 Summer 2013 (published 15 December 2013)

  • Slow down to protect our rural kids; Welcome to the new order (levy); Getting on with Folks (MoU signed with Fed Farmers); Unique collection system in place (levy) and Levy Trust Board election results; Priorities for levy funding; Research Committee; EUC beetles cornered; Independent Insight Needed (independent inquiry into forest workplace safety); ETS - give us a price; Boosting Productivity, whacking phytopthora; Levy Rate set, ForestWood 2014, Australian Standard for Kiwi forests; Big Changes on FOA Board
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 Winter 2013 (published 20 August 2013)

  • Making our forests safe ; RMA progressing slowly; Levy journey continues; What carbon forestry?; Health and Safety - the complex world of saving lives - making big improvements in safety performance in our forests will not be easy, but we are determined to do it ....; Ozone Depleter Under Pressure - major research effort underway to find alternatives to Methyl Bromide
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 Summer 2012/2013 (published 18 January 2013) 

  • Register and vote (Forest Voice Referendum in March); Industry safety must improve; Essential earthworks guide; FOA endorses forum report; From wood to gas to diesel; Research - working together; Road transport - Ruapehu DC; Overload at your peril; No men on the slope (future of steep slope forest harvesting); Good progress with HPMVs; Bats in Auckland plantation; Better flood protection; Lees Seymour moves on
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Spring 2012 (published 10 September 2012) 

  • Sweet success at Scion; Green is the colour of courage; You gotta have heart (NZ Wood); ETS chickens coming home to roost; Unfair rates will be challenged; Dig deep to protect our assets; High-tech, the likely pathway (Woodco); Focus on greater profits (research); CLA poll in October / November; IRIS for Aussies, Council delay HPMVs; Precious species studied

Autumn 2012 (published 28 May 2012)

  • More heft goes into drive for zero; Levy process on track; What does GE offer?; RUC system streamlined; The Ring of Fire; Lessons from Austria; We need an ETS that works, Good thing about new bug; Many benefits from Wairarapa log trains; ForestWood impresses; Forest Roading bible out
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Summer 2011 (published 7 December 2011)

  • The ETS - unfinished business; Tight focus on new strategy, Bill takes the reins - new FOA President; Hey Dude! Bernie is cool; A commodity levy on logs; NZ Wood - hard graft behind the scenes; Red trees are greening again; District Plan landscape perils; Rethink for Methyl Bromide, Accord 20th celebrated, Time to register for ForestWood, FOA Christmas/New Year office hours
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Winter 2011 (published 22 August 2011)

  • Building New Zealand in wood; Working on the known knowns; Working with government may have merit; Good science and the sky's the limit; GE Trees - A key to greater sustainability; Forests, products and innovation; NES needs big changes; Ironing out the bugs, Stoners not wanted
  • Download - 588.17 kbog电竞平台品牌官网

Autumn 2011 (published 25 April 2011)

  • We're serious about zero; In search of a wooden phoenix; Bug law brings bigger bill; Forestry in a game of two halves; Biodiversity NPS concerns; NES revving at athe lights; What are trees worth to the community?
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Summer 2010 (published 7 December 2010) 

  • Wooden homes withstand the shake; Rhodes plays Cancun; Guidelines create a legal bind; GE Trials needed before debate; Carbon tide rolls in; Long NES march continues; A bach in cooee of White House; Fumigant controls tightened; FSC National Standard nearer
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 Winter 2010 (published 24 August 2010) 

  • Forestry - a nice place to be; Government hoists the sails; One-stop commercial design; New look for Bernie signs; Making forestry a safer place; Publicly funded science gets a shake-up; More user-pays in training; Come to Forestwood; EPA initiatives welcome
  • Download - 524.31kb og电竞平台品牌官网 

Autumn 2010 (published 26 April 2010) 

  • Rodney decision evens playing field; Demand unpredictable but good; Uncertainty clouds carbon forestry; Power pylons show-down; Drug-free zone heads skyward; Illegal logging cop-out; FIDA funds Waiariki upgrade; Bug-free lights, eco-friendly exports; Nessie to emerge from loch
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 Spring/Summer 2009 (published 20 November 2009)

  • Forestwood a great success; FOA President honoured ; Separating out what's bankable ; ETS still holds too much uncertainty ; De Freitas dispels doubts ; More wood is better; Unlocking stored sunshine ; ECoP scores big award; Mill helps eradicate fire ant; His-vis changes coming
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 Winter 2009 (published 7 August 2009)

  • Hopes for stored carbon in CP2; Pellet deal may herald new era (Opinion - David Rhodes); Big conference in October; Hot competition for PGP funding ; Wins all round from new truck limits; Progress at last for fresh water; An NPS for freshwater; NES for forestry in prospect; Major challenges face Copenhagen talks; NZWood rolling on; Forestry games draws students; Safety plan revitalised
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   Autumn 2009 (published 1 May 2009) 

  • Unpredictable China underpins log demand; Government stimulus needed (Opinion - David Rhodes); Go regional, fire authorities told; Recreating the kiwi forest icon; FSC agrichemical rules cause impasse; Public fume fears addressed; LIRA passes into history ; New model for forest training?
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 Summer 2008/2009 (published 4 December 2008) 

  •  Linking arms for mutual benefit; Forestry, carbon & rubic’s cube; NES sought for forestry; Wood's green creds on website; Collaboration with government; Grounds for hope in ETS review; Forest products in vehicle trials; Changes needed in road user charges; Drug code launched
  • Download - 340.50 kB og电竞平台品牌官网 

 Autumn 2008 (published 20 April 2008)   

  • New tax discourages new plantings; Who pays to stop the invaders; Fire : what does the law say?; Chance to fine-tune rural fire law; Climate Change research directory; orest owners commit to cleaner water; IRIS database upgrade; Better pest surveillance needed; Indian Fumigant trialled; Graeme Hall honoured; Kerry Ellem to step down
  • Download - 360.79kB og电竞平台品牌官网 

 Summer 2007-2008 (published 21 December 2007)  

  • Forestry and green groups sign Climate Change Accord; Opinion: NZFOA chief exec David Rhodes says big changes are still needed in climate change policies; NZFOA forest entry ban lifted; New faces at NZFOA; What does the govt's Climate Bill mean for forest owners?; Eco-building: Green Star needs more work; Regional fuel taxes may not be the answer; Forest health survey praised by overseas experts; New Radiata disease in Chile; Olsen building walks the (NZ Wood) talk; Future Forests is here
  • Download - 437.02kB og电竞平台品牌官网 

 Winter 2007 (published 20 July 2007)  

  • Environmental code ‘the gold standard’; Forest owenrs stay voluntary; Green light for future forests; Centralised fire plan unwelcome;  NZ Wood targets commercial buildings; Rethinking safety strategies; Nectria findings surprise
  • Download - 379.37kB og电竞平台品牌官网 

 Autumn 2007 (published 1 May 2007) 

  • Log truckers take a bow;  The case for longer, heavier trucks; Kyoto? How do forests help?; Land-use plan fails New Zealand; Turning waste wood to energy; Put a pine tree in your tank; Fumigants for export success
  • Download - 692.82kB

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