Foresters welcome risk based Standards for freshwater management

6 September 2019

Forest Owners Association President, Peter Weir says Forest Owners and Farm Foresters welcome the opportunity to join the national conversation on freshwater management and he urges members of both associations to study the exposure draft of the new Freshwater National Environmental Standard, as well as the more stringent National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management.

Foresters says gene editing a valuable part of combating climate change and environmental challenges

14 August 2019

A forest industry leader is calling for serious public debate on the advantages of using gene editing to combat wilding pines and in the broader context of fighting climate change through carbon sequestration.

2018 Forest Growers Research Awards Just Announced in Tauranga

17 October 2018

The Forest Growers Research Awards were announced last night in Tauranga. They have been awarded each year since 2011 to recognise outstanding achievements in forest growing research.

Forest Practice Guides launched

5 October 2018

The Forest Owners Association has today launched a series of 28 Forest Practice Guides. The Guides are a joint venture between the forest sector and MPI and were initiated as part of the implementation of the National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry (NES-PF) which came into force on 1 May.

China interest in New Zealand forest and timber processing investment

18 September 2018

The largest ever New Zealand forest industry delegation to China's showcase Global Wood Trade Conference has made the case for more investment in New Zealand forestry and timber processing.

Productivity Commission Report heralds massive land conversion to forestry

4 September 2018

Forest owners say the Productivity Commission’s call for up to 2.8 million hectares of land to be turned into forests as a carbon sink would require implementing the most ambitious land-use change project a New Zealand government has ever set itself.

Emissions Trading Scheme revisions timely and necessary for climate change goals

14 August 2018

Forest owners are calling the proposed revisions to the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) both timely and necessary if New Zealand is to hope to meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Forest owners vow to deal with forest harvest slash

28 June 2018

Forest Owners say the industry is focused on measures to make sure a repeat of the recent floods transporting harvest debris out of forests and into Tolaga Bay isn’t repeated 25 years from now.

NZ Forest industry progresses with Overseas Investment Act amendments

20 June 2018

Forest Owners say the government’s announcement that the Overseas Investment Act would be amended to cut out red tape is a very positive signal to potential investors.

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