Initiatives boost forestry on both sides of the Tasman

14 Jan 2009

The Australian Government has adopted some of the main elements of a forest industry development initiative that has been successfully operating in New Zealand for the last three years.

Lake Taupo protection formula could be used more widely

12 Feb 2009

Forest owners have praised the decision of the Lake Taupo Protection Trust to pay a farmer to plant trees on his land in order to reduce the amount of livestock nitrogen entering the lake.

MAF study good basis for forest debate

5 May 2009

Forest owners say the MAF Forestry Sector Study released today provides a good basis for the development of national forestry policy.

Forestry in need of a level playing field

1 Jun 2009

New Zealand forest owners say investment in forestry world-wide is being inhibited by policies designed to dampen the effects of the economic recession and to counter climate change.

Forest owners concerned about high interest rates

11 Jun 2009

Unacceptably high bank interest rates are putting the owners of small to medium-sized forests under increasing financial pressure.

Kyoto forest planting will depend on more than carbon price

9 Jul 2009

There will be big changes in the New Zealand landscape if the government follows the logical course and uses tree planting to help reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Targeted border biosecurity welcomed

21 Aug 2009

The government decision to profile international visitors so that biosecurity measures are targeted at those who pose the greatest threat has been welcomed by the Forest Owners Association.

How to get the country planting again

26 Aug 2009

How does the government protect emitters from having to pay the open market price of carbon without unfairly penalising forest owners and others who produce carbon credits? It’s one of the biggest dilemmas faced by the government as it revises its emission trading scheme (ETS).

ETS changes a start, but greater buy-in is needed, say forest owners

15 Sept 2009

ETS changes a start, but greater buy-in is needed, say forest owners

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