Heavier trucks are more efficient

25 Jan 2008

There is a big potential to improve the efficiency and productivity of public highways says NZFOA chief executive David Rhodes.

Forest owners welcome Nats Blue-Green commitment

28 Jan 2008

Forest owners have welcomed the National Party’s commitment to refine the proposals outlined in its Blue-Green Vision document into policies for the 2008 general election.

Positive not punitive will result in more trees

31 Jan 2008

If New Zealand wants more forests to be planted it must allow those who plants trees to benefit from the environmental services they provide to society.

Dodgy Kyoto deal creates forest mess

12 May 2008

Parliament’s finance and expenditure select committee has been told that the emission trading scheme has created a mess in the forest industry and investor confidence has been hit hard.

Changes to Kyoto scheme “last straw” for forest owners

7 May 2008

Recent changes to the government’s emission trading scheme mean forestry will be the only sector in the NZ economy meeting its Kyoto obligations until 2011.

Key needs to come clean on trees

19 May 2008

Forest owners say National Party leader John Key needs to clarify what will happen to forestry if the legislation on a proposed emission trading scheme gets delayed until 2009.

Forest owners commit to water quality

10 Jun 2008

The NZ Forest Owners Association supports the draft of the primary sector water plan of action released yesterday. The document reconfirms the commitment of New Zealand primary sector groups to the sustainable management of the nation’s valuable freshwater resources.

Fewer trees unless govt changes policies

12 Jun 2008

Major flaws in New Zealand’s land-use policies will become more obvious as the world food crisis grows, says the NZ Forest Owners Association.

Anderton claim of policy warning incorrect

12 Jun 2008

Claims by forestry minister Jim Anderton on Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report yesterday that land owners were warned five years ago of potential deforestation liabilities are not correct, the New Zealand Forest Owners Association said today.
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