Ban on dodgy carbon credits a welcome first step

22 December 2011

Forest owners have welcomed the government decision to prevent emitters from using dodgy carbon credits to meet their obligations under the NZ Emission Trading Scheme (NZETS).

Mixed forestry reaction to National promises

10 November 2011

National Party promises to adopt some of the recommendations made by the panel that reviewed the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) have been welcomed by forest owners. But they say much more policy work is needed if forestry is to achieve its potential for New Zealand.

Woodco roadshow starts Nov 14

4 November 2011

The proposed Woodco strategic action plan will be presented at regional workshops across the country from 14 - 29 November.

Wood chips offer clean green energy security

2 November 2011

Major industries, hotels, hospitals and large schools in the central North Island should be seriously considering forest residues as an energy source, say forest owners.

More forests expected from a revamped ETS

16 September 2011

 Forest owners say that if the government adopts the changes to the ETS recommended by its review panel more forests are likely to be planted. New Zealand needs more forests in order to meet its targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Forest owners shocked by school bus crash

6 September 2011

Forest owners say their thoughts are with the children injured in the collision between a log truck and a school bus near Ruatoki yesterday.

Pines get unfair rap for early spring hay fever

5 September 2011

Eyes itching, feel a sneeze coming on? Remember seeing clouds of pollen floating from nearby pine trees?

More funds needed for dodgy bridge replacement

31 July 2011

Forest owners want the government to give a higher priority to upgrading dodgy bridges on highways and key district roads.

Industry hopes to unlock the carbon dollars in lumber

31 May 2011

The international forestry and wood products industry is working on the detail of a proposal to have the carbon in wood products recognised in international carbon accounting rules.

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