Membership of FOA

Membership to FOA is open to persons (including corporate and also body of persons whether corporate or unincorporate), being forest owners, as from time to time are accepted for membership of the Association.

Forest Owner shall be deemed to mean any person who is the owner of a forest area as defined as an area of land on which trees have been established including associated roads reserves and firebreaks.

Any forest owner may apply for membership  which is considered by the FOA Executive Council  (usually at the next meeting). An annual subscription is paid based on a declaration of your forest estate area and is currently set at 15c per hectare or $200 per year if the forest area would generate less than that figure.

Members are expected to adhere to the Agreement and Accords we have signed on behalf of all members and adhere to the FOA Code of Ethics and Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Policy.

For further information please contact FOA.

Application Form

Required evidence from the Companies Office:

  • Company number
  • New Zealand Business Number
  • Incorporation date
  • Company status
  • Entity type (eg New Zealand limited company)
  • Registered Office and address for service
  • Names of company directors