Crown Forestry a good start to get to one billion tree target

20 December 2017

The Forest Owners Association says a just announced new government mandate for Crown Forestry is the best way to start reaching the government’s goal of seeing a billion trees planted over ten years.

Forest Owners highlight biosecurity risks as good reason to keep forestry under MPI

18 December 2017

The Forest Owners Association believes the government appears to have got the balance right in creating a separate Forestry New Zealand, but keeping it as part of the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Forest owners say below minimum wage rates ‘unacceptable’

4 December 2017

Forest owners say below minimum wage rates ‘unacceptable’

Government recognises forestland and farmland different cases for overseas investment

29 November 2017

The Forest Owners Association says the government would be jeopardising its billion-tree target if it hadn’t separated forest and farmland in its ministerial directive to the Overseas Investment Office.

Forest research awards cover range

27 October 2017

Projects as different as growing thousands of beetles to sacrifice for science and knowing everything there is to wire ropes, earned their scientists recognition at the 2017 Forest Grower Research Awards in Christchurch last week.

More trees optimistic but achievable

26 October 2017

Forest owners say they are looking forward to working with the new Minister of Forests Shane Jones to meet what forest owners call a huge challenge to double the annual forest planting rate.

Valuable years lost for forestry means unified approach needed

20 October 2017

The Forest Owners Association says the priority put on new forest plantings by New Zealand First entering the coalition presents an enormous challenge to the new government and industry alike.

FOA makes the case to farmers for planting trees through NZ Farmer ‘Real Estate Matters’

29 September 2017.

Planting woodlots viable commercial proposition.

The most attractive farms are those with a lot of trees.  There are many reasons to grow trees. They may be there for the sheer delight in how they look along the driveway.  A farmer may have set aside an area to preserve native trees and the wildlife which lives in that stand.

Post-election government must put greater focus on forestry


1 September 2017

The forest industry says the government after the election needs to put a much greater focus on forestry and suggestions just made by New Zealand First leader Winston Peters lead in that direction, particularly direct government planting, either on its own account or through joint ventures with iwi.

But Forest Owners Association President Peter Clark says it is also vital for the government to encourage other investors and farmers to plant out forests.

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