Forest industry endorses safety report

31 October 2014                            

The sponsors of the Independent Forest Safety Review see the review panel's major recommendations as a blueprint for change.

Forest grant scheme will help control erosion

29 August 2014

Forest owners say the government's decision to reinstate the Afforestation Grant Scheme will be welcomed by farmers and regional councils fighting soil erosion in steep hill country.

Forest owners welcome Labour's climate proposals

25 August 2014

Labour's proposal to set up an independent Climate Commission to advise the government on how to meet its emissions targets has been welcomed by the Forest Owners Association.

Forest owners: the safety battle is not yet won

18 August 2014

Point scoring in the media will not make our forests safer places to work, says the Forest Owners Association.

Forest owners support changes to erosion control scheme

1 August 2014

The Forest Owners Association welcomes government changes to the scheme that funds erosion control initiatives on the East Coast.

Forest owners want people to speak up

8 June 2014

The sponsors of the Independent Forestry Safety Review welcome the public consultation document issued by the review panel on Friday.

Update on Independent Health and Safety Review and Consultation process

16 May 2014

 The Independent Forestry Safety Review (the Review) Panel intends to:

  1. Release a written consultation document in early June
  2. Conduct public and private meetings from 11 – 27 June

Forest owners given another ETS whack

16 May 2014

A measure hidden in the fine print of the Budget has forest owners wondering why they are again being unfairly singled out.

Forest safety review needs to find answers

30 April 2014

The Combined Trade Unions is to be praised for making health and safety the focus of this year's Workers' Memorial Day, say forest owners and contractors.

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