Hi Viz Scheme 2012

The FOA guidelines were updated in 2012 incorporating recent A/NZ standard specifications. New designs can be submitted to the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority for checking against the FOA Hi-Visibility Guidelines.

The Forest Owners Association has since 2004 had a guideline outlining  the specifications for high visibility clothing used by those engaged in forest silviculture and harvesting operations. The current regulations provide for an industry to develop specifications for high visibility clothing which meet that particular industry’s needs.

In regard to forestry operations in New Zealand, the industry determined that the current Australasian standards were not appropriate for forestry operations that require garments which avoid creating excessive body heat, are capable of long wear in physically demanding outside work without rapid fading, meet the requirements for high visibility, and are reasonably priced. In addition, a reduced range of colours are accepted, recognizing study results that indicate colour blindness should be taken into account when selecting colours for use in the forest.

The industry has now agreed that the garment specified in the attached Guideline meets the criteria above. We do not consider that it is either necessary or desirable to seek formal Standards New Zealand approval for these guidelines  as a satisfactory industry Guideline. To achieve a high quality of garment, FOA have instituted a system of voluntary registration for garment manufacturers.

FOA will promote to its members those organisations with approved garments through the FOA website and via internal communications.

The attached documents outline the new guidelines:

1.             Registration Invite- Download (.pdf, 125.92 KB)

  • Background letter describing the scheme, how it functions, its history, etc. Invitation to companies to participate in the scheme.

2.           FOA High Visibility Guidelines - Download (.pdf, 156.97KB)

  •        The actual Guidelines that garments are to be tested to.

3.           Verification Report- Download (.pdf 119.56KB)

  •        Draft verification report showing the parameters NZWTA report on.

4.            High Visibility Garment Registration Form- Download (.pdf 75.20KB). Also available for download  in .doc format (147KB)

  •         Request from garment company to FOA for registration of a particular garment, accompanied by NZWTA verification report.

 IMPORTANT: Garments already accepted under the Forest Owners Hi Visibility Clothing Scheme prior to 2012 update, continue to be approved and do not need to be resubmitted.

 Companies can now submit new garment designs for inclusion in the FOA scheme.